With the release of their first album, On Your Feet (1997) and continuing through their second record, What Remains (1999), The Spoken sound was a combination of rap meets metal, and a bit of melodic rock. On the third full-length release, Echoes of the Spirit Still Dwell (2000) embodied a heavier, more melodic approach to song writing, with songs like Forevermore and This Path, generating repeated rotations on various modern rock radio and video programs across the country.

Continuing with a pattern of non-stop touring and the recording of increasingly diverse records, Spoken released their album, A Moment of Imperfect Clarity, in September 2003, which retained a harder edge but combined it with a distinctly unique pop sound. In 2007, Spoken released their self-titled album, Spoken. The sound was heavier and more mature, with both heavy vocals and heavy guitar work.

After a long wait from their fans, Spoken released their 7th studio album, Illusion, in 2013. In support of the release, Spoken hit the road with such acts as Volbeat, Red, Disciple and Norma Jean as well as smashing through several headlining runs, too. As a band, Spoken continued to strive for perfection with their songwriting as well as with their live show. That coupled with an unending dedication to the truth has made them many friends and many fans.

On March 1st, 2015, Spoken released the debut track off the new endeavor called Breathe Again, featuring Memphis May Fire’s own, Matty Mullins. Within weeks of the release, the song began charting on the Billboard Christian Rock charts while gaining momentum with Active Rock stations around the country.



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January 20, 2017