Social Media

From social media management to social media marketing, we will help you win.

Don’t trust your social accounts to your brother, friend, neighbor or even worst to a part-timer that you just hired to run your accounts.  Your business needs attention and social is where the attention is at in 2018.  Trust it to the experts that will create a strategy that will work for you and in a budget that will fit your business need and goals.

Your Social Accounts

Regardless of your needs…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest or all of them.  We’ll get your account set up for you the correct way.  Yes, there is a correct way to set up each of these accounts. There is a lot to consider when setting up your accounts.  We are tried and true professionals.  We know what it takes to get these accounts up an operational.

Already have accounts set up?  No problem.  We’ll spend a few moments and analyze your accounts at no charge to you and present to you a plan moving forward. If you feel like the plan fits you, great, we’ll put it into action.

Social Media Management

This is where the real magic begins. This take time, patience and consistence. This is where most fail, but it’s where we win.  2 post a day on 3 or more platforms x 10 hashtags per post on Instagram and twitter.  If your doing that math, that is around 3,000 pieces of content a year.

Social Media Marketing

Print media is dead.  TV and Radio are too expensive.  Google adwords are about $40 per keyword click. Social media advertising is about $6 per click. Do we need to say more?