10 Step Development Process

  1. Project Inception We will begin by defining your Ecommerce website (shopping cart) requirements, features, and specifications so that a firm Statement of Work (SOW) may be established. This time is billed at our hourly rate, over and above the overall cost of development.
    Estimated time: 2-3 days
  2. Statement of Work Once you have approved this proposal and all requirements have been defined, we will establish a Statement of Work (SOW) outlining the basic features and development of your Ecommerce website. Approval needed – Statement of Work will need to be signed and returned before development process begins.
    Estimated time: 3-4 days
  3. Flowchart We will develop basic navigational flowchart for your Ecommerce website, including “menu navigation” for CMS (non-product pages i.e. About Us, Return Policy, Shipping Information and all other pages you deem necessary) pages.
    Estimated time: 1 day
  4. Category Structure We will work with you to develop a category structure for your Ecommerce website’s product categories that fits your products and industry. Approval needed – Category Structure will need to be approved via email.
    Estimated time: 2-3 days
  5. Design We will provide you a design guide asking for details and expectations regarding the look and feel of your Ecommerce website. This will be our guide as we begin the design process. Our design process will begin with a Homepage and Category view (multiple products displayed) example, provided in graphical format for you to review and critique. Approval needed – The graphical design will need to be approved via email. 
    Estimated time: 7 days
  6. Development Once the design has been approved, we will begin developing your Ecommerce website in an online environment, implementing all features and specifications previously agreed upon. This process will include integrations and ‘Agile’-type testing/production of the many elements of an Ecommerce website.
    Estimated time: 3-8 weeks
  7. Content While we are developing the design of your site, you will need to put together all the text content that you want on each page. This content should match the flowchart (wire frame) and ultimately fill in all the pages. Once we receive the content for all the pages, we will begin adding the collection to the pages. Your content should be delivered to us all at once.
    Estimated Time Frame: 3 Days
  8. Testing We will begin an exhaustive testing process, testing all elements for accuracy and functionality such as links, navigation, spelling & grammar, contact forms, browser compatibility, and site security.
    Estimated time: 3-5 days
  9. Deployment Once our testing and any necessary client “On Boarding” in complete, we will make the Ecommerce website available to you, the client, for quality checking purposes. Once approved, we will deploy the website, making it available to the public.
    Estimated time: 1 day
  10. Maintenance Once deployment is complete, we will analyze and maintain all aspects of your Ecommerce website to ensure proper functionality, updated software, security, and compatibility across all major devices.
    Estimated time: 2-5 hr/month